Full service/hosted coupon/offer
solution for digital medias

no investment/risk free

iSavemedia is a Denmark based & trusted brand offering a unique and serious platform that gives medias a no investment/risk free ”plug and play” offer coupons and great deals to their readers.

What´s in it for you?

Shared commission (One of our partners earned 50K EUR in one year)
You boost your overall traffic number for your domain
You own permissions/sign-ups to mails via the site
We boost membership sign-ups
We boost Facebook sign-ups

Further info

+70% of revenue comes from SEO traffic – we are SEO experts!
There is very little demands on your resources
We market through your media where/if possible (i.e. Facebook, newsletter, advertorials)
It’s plug and play when we have everything from contract / processes / platform in place
Live within 1 month
We offer full transparency

Live sites

Berlingske Media Denmark


Aller Media Denmark




iSavemedia is a brand of the digital marketing agency Inbound Copenhagen – inboundcph.dk

About iSavemedia

iSave Media is the leading provider of offer and coupon sites consisting of 8 different sites that work in close collaboration with some of DK´s strongest and most popular media – Udeoghjemme.dk, Mama.dk, soendag.dk, familiejournalen.dk, mariesideer.dk and slankeklubben.dk as well as BT.

We work hard to promote brands and have the muscle to do it!

We call it a campaign platform. Aller Media is a strong and trusted brand known for high integrity and quality. We aim to offer high quality unique content and a positive experience to our visitors and a powerful platform for brands to create awareness, drive traffic and sales.

1. Code/offer guarantee
2. Unique and exclusive offers
3. Uncluttered, User-friendly, high speed site
4. Features like related products to drive spontaneous purchases
5. Close cooperation with brands to maximize sales and exposure

Our campaign platform gives advertisers the opportunity to market products and campaigns (products, promotions, discount codes etc.), Create awareness of thier shop / brand / products reinforce your brand, google SEO positions and increase your sales . All together we have more than 10 million visits per month.

Contact us and lets work together to boost your sales and increase brand awareness!

Contact us

If you have a store and wish to work with us to boost your sales, awareness and also SEO. Get in touch with us via mail info@isave.media or: